Monthly Workplace / Office Cleanliness & Hygiene Checklist

Part of any organized business includes a standard set of tasks that must be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. To make the job of management easier, it is a best business practice to have an established list of tasks per department and all the way down to the position level.  Use this checklist to maintain a continuous review of working environment for hygiene.
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Monthly Workplace / Office Cleanliness & Hygiene

Workplace Cleanliness

Passageways, floors, doorways, exit routes are free of greasy dirt and dust.
Ceiling and walls are free of dirt and dust.
Worktables, chairs and furniture are free of dirt and dust.
Cabinets, racks & storage facilities are free of greasy dirt and dust.
Electrical & mechanical equipment are free of greasy dirt and dust.
Concealed places, such as corners, pillars and under tables are cleaned up.
Tools, equipment and facilities common in use are cleansed and disinfected.

Personal Hygiene Facilities

Waterclosets and urinals are provided with flushing facilities in good working order.
Washing basins and water taps are in good working order.
Liquid soap is provided.
Drying facilities (towels, napkins and/or hand driers) are provided.
Toilet paper is provided.
Covered rubbish bins are provided.
Toilets are ventilated.
Air traps are ensured not dry.
Toilets have been cleansed and disinfected as per schedule.

Pest Control

Pest control exercise is carried out as scheduled.
Insecticide and/or insect trap are used where necessary.
Rodent prevention measures are used.
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