Office Relocation Checklist

The prospect of moving office may seem daunting. But it’s just a process, and like any process, it can be broken down into a series of simple tasks and checks. Using this framework to help you and your company to execute a successful office relocation.
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Office Relocation

Long Term Preparations

Talk to your current landlord/leasing company to cancel your lease.
Set your move date and estimate locations.
Contact moving companies for estimates and information Tip: book well in advance because it can be busy at key times of the year.
Consult your financial advisor and/or Financial Officer to make a budget for moving expenses.
Make a list of criteria for your new office Be certain that the new location has the infrastructure necessary to support your technological needs.
Find a real estate agent to help you look for properties.
Schedule visits to potential locations.
Visit potential offices.
Choose a new office that’s green.
If you/your company own(s) your current office, make plans to sell or rent it Find a realtor or property management company.
If you’re moving to a new country, research new financial and insurance options.
If your office is moving to a foreign country, be sure your employees’ documents (passport, visa, inoculations, etc) are up to date.
Speak to your insurance agent in case you need to transfer or cancel your insurance coverage (medical, property, fire, auto, etc).
Discuss the move and its effects with your employees.
If your new office is far away, book transportation.

Mid-Term Preparations

Negotiate your new lease Be sure to read all documents and contracts carefully before signing. Keep you papers in a safe, organized place.
Begin taking an inventory and decide which items from the office need to be moved and which items will be replaced.
If you have rented office equipment like photocopiers, check the lease for canceling or transfer options.
Speak to your current cleaning company about canceling or transfering their services If you need a new cleaning company, find one here.
Make preparations for an internet connection and telephone lines in your new location.
Get packing materials like boxes, cartons and labels or investigate packing services.
Contact the municipalities of your old and new locations to find out if you need a permit to block the street during the move.

Short-Term Preparations

Make a floor plan for your new office.
Purchase new office equipment and/or furniture Make delivery arrangements.
Begin packing items you will be taking from your current office.
If you are donating items, deliver them or arrange for pickup Save receipts for tax records. Find a tax consultant if you need help.
Make a contact information list (names and numbers of individuals in the company) so that during office relocation, it’s possible to reach employees.
Ask your new landlord for enough copies of the keys/access cards so that you can provide them to the necessary employees.

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