Business Plan Creation Checklist

A great business plan keep the team on the same page and prepares a business to strive towards its goals.  The process can be long and detailed.  Use this framework to factor in considerations for the preparation and creation of a Business Plan to not miss anything critical.
How often should this be used?
When starting a new business or a significant new venture within an existing business.
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Business Plan Creation

Before you begin

Look into business plan templates
Complete market research.
Dedicate the plan to the business, not the innovation or product.
Illustrate a solution to a problem.
Explain how that solution generates revenue.
Clarify key matters relating to products/services.
Form the basis of the management team.
Prepare a strategic plan as framework for detailed plan.
Decide the purpose of the plan.
Determine target audience of the plan.
Locate professional advisers.
Research and prepare a list of possible recipients of the plan.

Writing the plan

Create a framework for the plan.
Identify possible appendices, attachments etc.
Estimate page lengths for each section.
List main issues to be covered within key sections.
Assign work programs based on the framework and lists.
Draft preliminary sections (excluding summary).
Draft all key sections in the plan’s body.
Compile financial projections and related appendices.
Check the draft for completeness.
Let an outsider critique the latest draft.
If necessary, redraft and fine tune.
Write the executive summary.
Write the plan’s conclusion.
Get an independent assessment of the final draft.

Reviewing the plan

Is the plan nicely presented?
Avoid the use of technical jargon.
Keep the plan easy to read.
Use tables/charts/graphics.
Don’t exceed 30 pages in length.
Spell check the final form.
Does the plan’s summary stimulate interest?
Will the plan provoke the desired responses?
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