Business Security Checklist

Regular reviews of your business infrastructure helps secure your business.  Use this framework to review many aspect of Security related concerns for your business.
How often should this be used?
Reassess you security situation at least quarterly.
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Business Security


All door locks are operational.
All windows have functional locks on them.
Any badge or keyless entry system is working properly at all times.
All internal locks and protective devices are operational.
All fire extinguishers are inspected and charged.
Fire and smoke detection systems are tested at least once a month.
All exit signs are properly lit.
Prevent emergency exits from being blocked.
The fire evacuation route is posted at various points throughout the building.
There is adequate lighting at all entrances.
There is adequate lighting throughout the facility grounds.


Check all surveillance cameras to make sure they are operating properly.
Surveillance data is being recorded and stored properly.
Surveillance footage is archived at least once a month.
Archived surveillance footage is stored offsite.
The reception desk is requiring all guests to sign in to the building.
All guests and visitors coming into the building are visible from the inside.


All firewall and computer security software is updated.
Active data archives are kept online.
Offline archives are kept off-site.
Important computer passwords are changed at least once a month.
Keep track of who is given access to the passwords.
Assign an information security officer to be responsible for the proper implementation of computer security policies.

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