Effective presentation with data Checklist

Are you effectively using your data to tell a story ?  Some the most common mistakes you can make in data driven presentations include:

  • A lack of story or narrative
  • Charts and graphs that don't get explicitly referenced
  • No audience engagement
  • Running too long
  • Information overload

Use the follow as a check against the quality of your data driven presentation.

How often should this be used?
Ad hoc as required.

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Effective presentation with data

5 steps to more effective presentation with data

Does your presentation have an interesting story to tell with the data as it related to the topic and audience?

Stories should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Ask questions as a useful guide to the audience with the answers.  Look to ensure there are takeaways that drive the narrative from introduction to conclusion.

Did you select appropriate visualizations (chart types) to present the data?
The charts and graphs should clearly show the data without bias. Use chart types that are familiar to the audience. Avoid dramatically complex charts that look pretty but don't clearly show insights.
Has there been the effective application of design principles to the charts to clearly present the data?
Cull as many non-data elements as you can.  Avoid shadows, borders and unnecessary colors as decoration.
Has there been the effective application of design principles to the presentation itself?
Decks should support the presentation - not be the presentation.  Text should be sparse and visuals emphasized.  Try to use size 36 point fonts or higher to maintain a high level of readability for the audience.
Have the visualizations been presented such that it worked together to tell a coherent story?
There should be a progression of revelations on insights and trends.  The visuals should each hone in on a unique and different takeaway.

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