Annual Roadside Emergency Kit Checklist

Be prepared for anything that comes your way on the road – such as a flat tire, getting stuck in a rainstorm or being stranded in the desert.

Your roadside car emergency kit is essential to provide everything you will need in the event that something unexpected happens while on the road. 

Your assembled roadside emergency kit should be securely kept together in your trunk so everything doesn't roll around. Even a simple cardboard box works well. A backpack is another option. But make sure the kit is quickly accessible because you might need it in a hurry.

Once assembled a regular audit helps ensure no items have perished and everything is setup to serve its purpose in the case of an emergency.

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Annual Roadside Emergency Kit


Audit and clear our unnecessary items from the glovebox
Ensure emergency kit container is good working order


Logbook shows regular vehicle maintenance has been performed as scheduled

Kit Audit

Jumper cables
Motor oil, coolant, gasoline container
First aid kit
Flashlight and spare batteries
Emergency road signage such as reflective triangle
Tool kit – Screwdrivers, wrenches, funnels and other tools that you will come in handy in the event your car needs repair.
Spare tire. Make sure it’s inflated
Tire pressure gauge
Tire inflator and sealant
Tow rope
Fire extinguisher
Emergency money
Emergency contact list
Car phone charger
Extra set of keys
Duct tape
Ice scraper
Extra jacket or rain coat
Sun shade
Food and water

Personal Items

Hand sanitizer
Playing cards
Paper towels
Spare clothing
Emergency radio
Battery-powered fan

Review how to respond proceedure

Pull over and put your hazard lights on
Make sure everyone in the car is okay
Call Emergency services or roadside assistance as appropriate

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