Business Travel Policy Checklist

Creating a travel policy for your business will allow you to clearly define what is and what is not an acceptable travel expense. It will also allow you to manage your costs and manage risk.  Use this travel policy framework for staff use before/during/after trips.
How often should this be used?
For use when staff travel in the line of business.
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Business Travel Policy

Before your trip

Ensure you have complied with your employers travel policy and administrative requirements.
Make sure your travel plans and contact details are known to your manager.
Ensure you have travel insurance.
Ensure your vaccines are up to date prior to departure.
Make sure your passport is valid at least six months past your expected return date.
Ensure any relevant visas have been obtained.
Choose a hotel that offers special services to business travelers.
Confirm all reservations.
Leave your contact information of the hotels where you are staying, with a family member.
Tie up any loose ends at the office before departing.
Let clients and colleagues know when you will be unavailable.
Stock your work bag or briefcase with all the business-related items you need for the trip.
Make note of your need to pack any electronic equipment, including PDAs or laptop.
Avoid checking any bags, if at all possible.

During your travel

Use separate credit cards for business and personal purchases.
Keep all the receipts for business purchases.
Keep your business paperwork in one place in your hotel room.
Make notes directly after business meetings while still fresh in your mind

When you have returned

Notify your employer of any reportable incident that occurs while on overseas business.
Request support from your HR team or manager should you experience any difficulties as a result of your travel.

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