Leadership skills evaluation Checklist

In any business it is important to establish a set of clear and defined leadership competencies, so HR and other stakeholders know whom to fast track for leadership. Don't be vague with things like "Creativity" and "Innovation".

Use the following leadership skills evaluation checklist to assess and keep track of areas for development.

It is critical to keep an eye on the effectiveness and legitimacy of your leadership.

The responses use the capacity matrix response set defined as:

  • Information: I have heard of this and can answer simple questions about it. 
  • Knowledge: I can explain this in my own words and relate it to other things.
  • Know-how: I can apply this and know when to do so.
  • Wisdom: I know why this is so, can apply it in new situations and can teach others.

How often should this be used?
Annually for all leaders

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Leadership skills evaluation


Recruiting talent
Interviewing candidates
Onboarding new recruits
Building your bench
Team Leadership
Defining a vision
Developing a strategy
Setting goals
Setting expectations
Getting and giving feedback
Rewarding and motivating teams
Encouraging professional development
Managing performance
Terminating employees
Managing time
Managing change
Business acumen
Understanding drivers and drainers
Reading a profit and loss statement
Creating a profit and loss statement
Establishing a budget
Evaluating ROI
Allocating resources
Making decisions
Identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks
Building a business case
Maintaining an innovative mindset
Negotiating and persuading
Interpersonal skills
Developing emotional intelligence
Building communication skills
Having difficult conversations
Managing up
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