New hire early flight risk Checklist

Companies, recruiters, and hiring managers put a great deal of time, effort, and money into new hires.  This is through often costly recruiting, hiring, and training processes. When a new hire leaves shortly after they were brought on, not only were the time and resources it took to bring them on and up to speed wasted, the company has to begin the entire process over again to bring on a new person to fill the vacant position. 

Recruiting and hiring candidates can be a risky business. Recruiters try to predict whether the candidate will be an asset to the company based on criteria such as skills, previous performance, and recommendations from other employers. However, one area that recruiters have not been able to measure is whether candidates will commit to the employer long-term. 

Adapt the following checklist into your on boarding process to help identify, monitor and curb early hire flight risk.

How often should this be used?
Adhoc as required.

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New hire early flight risk

Individuals to target

Came from a high turnover team or job
Hired via an overselling recruiter / manager
Hesitated before accepting the offer
No attempts made to refer others
Make negative social media comments

Events that may trigger flight

Directly after onboarding
On completion of training
After the first formal assessment
Anniversary date of employment
Roadblock on the job
Following a well liked colleague
Raiding from other firms
Complete personal studying for degree
Lifestyle change ie new baby, marriage, divorce etc.

Identifying the problem with the right people

Hold a quarterly flight-risk meeting with managers and team leads
Survey teams that have new hires

Steps to take with at risk hires

Hold a "stay interview" where reasons why they are staying with the company are explored
Create a more of / less of list with the hire
Be honest. Ask them to warn you if they feel like evening so you have a chance to respond
Ensure there is a development plan in place to promote personal growth

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