Delegation and hand over Checklist

Delegating lets you save time, achieve more and increase your own value.  You want to make sure that the person you are delegating to is properly equipped to not drop the ball.  Facilitate effective delegation and hand over of tasks/projects with this checklist.
How often should this be used?
Whenever you are looking to delegate work to someone else.
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Delegation and hand over


Determine the goal of delegation.
Define what powers are due to be delegated and why.
Decide to whom the task will be delegated.
Delegate according to the person’s ability and skill level.
Notify the employee of future delegation beforehand.


Explain the reasons for delegating to this person.
Describe the project clearly , including how the project fits into the larger scheme of things.
Ask the employee to prepare a plan of how to accomplish the job.
Establish a meeting time to discuss the employee’s ideas.
Arrange for the meeting to take place in a nonthreatening location.


Have a conversation with the employee and review the project objectives.
Precisely explain the employee his new duties and rights.
Explain what the results should look like.
Discuss ideas on how he or she plans to proceed.
Listen to the employees questions and requests.
Specify the resources that will be made available
Tell the employee how much authority he/she will have.
Discuss how much follow-up to expect.
Emphasize the employee’s responsibility for the outcomes.
Make written confirmation in which terms and responsibilities are determined.
Provide the employee with all necessary documents.
Prepare the form of delegation.


Make it clear to others what had been delegated and the authority the person has.
Agree to progress checks.
Check progress at agreed-upon intervals.
Provide support if required.
Give feedback, both motivational and developmental.
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