Policy Creation Checklist

Policy can be broad and visionary. Express standards, behaviours, and expectations to guide actions.  Be a concept or stated position of intended outcomes.  Be a statement of principle.  Policies are distinct from procedures and guidelines, which are operational instructions or processes for applying a policy decision. Use this framework to help with considered policy creation.
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Policy Creation


Analyse what is the purpose of the Policy.
Identify policy gaps, modifications and issues.
Identify Policy Custodian or delegate.
Identify those who may assist and those who are affected by the policy and any changes to it.
Identify possible supporting procedures, policies, Codes of Conduct and Guidelines.


Compare similar policies at other institutions or within similar contexts.
Review any relevant literature and good practice on the policy topic.
Analyse any relevant data.
Consolidate information.
Identify the policies, stakeholders, administrative and system requirements for the policy implementation.
Identify critical stakeholders both internal and external.
Identify the best ways to consult with Stakeholders.


Draft New Policy Proposal.
Take draft to stakeholders for feedback.
Re-draft as necessary.
Talk to those affected by the policy/stakeholders.
Consult with your stakeholders and provide feedback to the stakeholders on both the outcome of the consultation and the final Policy.


Submit for endorsement to committees or officers on the approval pathway.
Re-draft and re-consult if necessary.
Ensure that the policy also has the Policy Implementation and Communication Form.
Submit for final approval.

Implementation and Maintenance

Undertake strategies outlined in Policy Communication and Implementation Plan.
Keep abreast of changes both internally or externally that may affect the policy.
The Policy Custodian or delegate should maintain an Issues log for the policy.
Undertake evaluation and reviews as programmed.


Use clear, simple policy language.
Clearly state the penalty for policy violations.

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