Winter Boat Maintenance Checklist

Before you put your boat into storage this winter, give it the quick once over and get any essential maintenance out of the way so you're ready to hit the water as soon as the weather warms up.
How often should this be used?
Annual during winter.
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Winter Boat Maintenance


Drain and replace last season's fuel. Stale fuel can result in clogged filters and poor performance.
If there's water in the tank due to condensation or rain, it can also block your filters. And if it gets past them, it could severely damage your engine.

Batteries and Electrics

Batteries that are inactive over a long period of time can cause issues when you re-commence for the summer. Keep your batteries charged by investing in a trickle charger or small polar panel to keep them topped up.
With electrics, check all lights, radios and navigation equipment.

Safety Gear

Check all of your safety equipment, including lifejackets, fire extinguishers, EPIRBs and flares. If anything needs replacement or upgrading, now is the time to do it.
Items such as flares have a limited life span. If you don't want to buy them now, remind yourself to purchase new ones before the start of the season.
EPIRB registrations need to be updated every two years.


If your motor needs a service, book it in with the mechanic now rather than wait until the last minute. The mechanic should check for things like the impeller for the water pump, outboard hydraulic systems for steerage and engine tilt/trim.


Inspect your boat's hull for corrosion and cracks, and check that the bilge area is clean and dry. If there's any sign the vessel's hull requires maintenance, make sure you use a qualified repairer.

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