Digital Media Plan Checklist

When planning your media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of each format, how audiences respond to them and how they can work together. Prepare and co-ordinate a digital media plan.  While the digital landscape is a rapidly changing environment, the fundamentals of marketing
are still the same. Use this Digital Media Plan template to help develop an appropriate strategy for your business.
How often should this be used?
When going into first time or annual planning for digital media.
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Digital Media Plan


Decide the type of content that will be featured the website.
Determine Who will be responsible for producing the content.
Decide how the content will be delivered.
Check what type of technical platform the content will require.
Decide whether the content is going to be syndicated to iTunes, Shoutcast, or any other site.
Decide if the content requires any "RSS" feed functionality.
Determine whether the content is going to be repackaged for e-mail distribution.


Find out how visitors will interact with your brand.
Find out if there is a policy on how quickly listeners should expect a reply to any e-mail or other communication.
Determine type of technology you will use to facilitate communication between visitors and your station staff.


Determine what type of store front / shopping cart functionality you will need for your site.
Decide on the strategy for controlling inventory in your store.
Decide who serves as the customer service representative at your station when a visitor has a problem.


Determine the strategy to move visitors onto your website.
Decide how you will utilize search engines to direct interested customers to your site.
Make sure your site has been optimized for search engines.
Determine your plan to maintain healthy-search-engine-friendly sites.
Decide on the type of on-air cross promotion to support the website.
Decide how you will retain visitors on the site for more than three pages.


Choose metrics program you will use.
Decide whether to commission third party audits for this site.
Determine the types of reports that will be opened to the sales staff.
Decide how often consultant will review the metrics to refine content strategy.

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