Marketing Campaign Checklist

For many companies, marketing campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market to reinforce their positioning, and for customer acquisition.  Good campaigns follow a theme and include a series of touches with the market.  Use this framework to help establish a new marketing campaign.

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Marketing Campaign

Campaign Objectives

Determine what you want to achieve.
Conduct good market research.
Define how your products or services will help your customers.
Prepare a sales forecast.
Create a list of the different types of marketing promotion you wish to use.

Campaign Strategy

Define your target audience for this campaign.
Determine the purpose of the campaign.
Decide what offer will be used to entice your customers.
Determine which messages you want to send.
Summary of messages
Determine what creative work will be required.
Determine what production will be required.
Decide on the campaign budget.

Campaign Summary

Closely monitor the response.
Analyse what has worked, what hasn’t and why.
Use your analysis in planning further campaigns.

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