Product Launch Checklist

Whether you are part of a large launch team or a lonely entrepreneur launching your first product, having a simple process will, save you time and sanity in the long run. By its nature, launching is chaotic.  Use these end to end considerations for a product launch to help maximise the chances of success.
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When working on a new product.
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Product Launch


Prepare a launch plan – cover all tasksto be performed by production, marketing, sales, product support, and other departments.
Make sure the departments understand their responsibilities for launch tasks.
Make sure the departments have dedicated the required resources to support product launch.
Ensure that all preparations have been completed and the product is ready to launch.


Evaluate the product performance through testing.
Make sure the product meets its defined requirements.
Ensure the product and the production process have been validated.
Make sure that all regulatory approvals and certifications have been obtained.
Check if the product design documentation has been completed and approved.
Make sure the technical data sheets have been prepared.
Ensure that the user documentation, manuals and maintenance instructions have been completed.
Make sure the engineering personnel is ready to address any issues that might arise.


Make sure the manufacturing process documentation or outputs are complete.
Ensure the production processes have been proven using either pilot or actual production lines.
Check if traning has been provided to all production workers.
Ensure the demand forecast data has been established.
Select and qualify all suppliers.
Ensure the needed materials and parts are on-order or in stock.
Check the personnel to support planned production.
The distribution pipeline is filled with the appropriate level of product.

Marketing and Sales

Key customer feedback, focus groups, test markets, or beta tests were performed prior to launch.
Make sure the testimonials or case studies have been prepared.
Develop a promotion and advertising plan.
Develop advertising copy and prepare media contracts and arrangements.
Develop promotional materials and sales literature for distribution.
Identify sales and distribution channels.
Sales personnel have been trained and have the sales support material and product samples.
Product pricing has been established and approved.
Final packaging has been designed, approved and ordered.
The sales forecast has been updated based on the latest forecast of market demand.
The website has been updated.
Prepare press releases for distribution.
Brief industry analysts or other influential personnel.
Announce a product release.

Product Support

Make sure necessary support resources are in place.
Ensure service and support personnel have been trained.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) have been identified and responses prepared.
Troubleshooting guides, installation guides, and service manuals have been prepared.
Spare part requirements have been planned.
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