Project Management Checklist

As you step through the project planning process, you are often going through the motions without really stopping to think about each step along the way. With a project plan you can evaluate your project management process to ensure no key steps are missed. Use this framework to capture how to go about establishing and running a project (but not the project itself).
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Project Management

Getting Started

Develop a business case for the project.
Make sure the project fits company agenda.
Detemine potential benefits it will offer and to whom they will be offered.
Overview any key risks.
Identify all concerned in the project.
Consult a finance expert.
Get the business case approved by senior managers.

Project Design

Determine a clear and precise statement of what a project is trying to achieve (purpose, scope, and objectives).
Send project definition statement to all concerned.
Define areas be included in the project scope.
Define who should be in the project team.
Describe responsibilities of each person in the project.
Form a group of project managers and hold a meeting.

Plan the Project

Make your project planning checklist.
List all the activities required.
Group tasks under different category headings.
Write down dependencies of all activities.
Estimate timeframe for each activity.
Identify activities that have to be completed by the due date.
Prioritize activities.
Make a communication plan and communicate it with all concerned.
Carry out a risk analysis.
Appoint a team member to manage each risk.
Filter your project for slipping tasks.
Determine how to monitor the project progress.
Make a milestone plan for the stages of the project.
Check the project by the milestone dates.
Set a realistic deadline for the project.

Monitor the Project

Agree monitoring process with senior managers.
Decide on what will be monitored in the project and how.
Keep records of the project.
Choose the type of control.
Agree monitoring and approving changes system with senior managers.
Have a formal approval from senior managers before action a change.
Appoint a person to be responsible for the project quality.
Review the project quality with the client.
Make sure someone can sanction changes in senior manager absence.
Set an agenda for project meetings to review progress.
Define action points against each item on the agenda.
Review the items on the critical path.
Report if the cost or time limit exceed.
Report progress at the end of each stage of the project.
Monitor issues that may be causing concern.

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