Press Release Checklist

A press release conveys information that your organization wants to share with the public through the media.  One thing that will never wane in this world is the human desire for news.  Use this high level framework for creating and reviewing a press release.
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When preparing a new press release
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Press Release

Before writing the release

What is the item announced via news release?
Is this newsworthy?
What is your targeted audience?
Find a special angle for your story.
What is the purpose of the release? Know your objective.

Writing the release

Make sure your headline contains a single point and is factual.
Use the active voice and the present tense.
Summarize the story’s who, what, why, when, where in the first paragraph.
Find ways to grab attention!
Do repeat information from your title.
Keep it conversational.
Follow the style guidelines of the Associated Press.
Make sure the formatting and style is appropriate.
Avoid passive sentences wherever possible.
Make sure your release answers the relevant questions.
Use short paragraphs for easy scanning.
Use subheads on long or complex copy.
Opinions or grand claims should be credited to an executive in a quote.
Give the name & title of the spokesperson once, thereafter use the surname only.
Include visual aids.

After writing the release

Review the release.
Have someone else proofread your copy.
Have it approved.
Decide where and how it should be distributed.
Announce it.
Link it with an event
Check to whom should you make follow up calls.
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