Six Sigma DMAIC Measure Phase Checklist

The DMAIC methodology should be used when a product or process is in existence at your company but is not meeting customer specification or is not performing adequately. For DMAIC milestone reviews, there are certain deliverables, checkpoints, questions and concerns that the Black Belt and improvement team should be aware of prior to a tollgate/milestone review.

How often should this be used?
When working through a DMAIC Measure tollgate review

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Six Sigma DMAIC Measure Phase

Key Measures Identified

Questions To Determine Appropriate Application:

  • What are the key input variables? What the key process variables? What are the key output variables?
  • What key measures identified indicate the performance of the business process?
  • What are the agreed upon definitions of the high impact characteristics (CTQs), defect(s), unit(s), and opportunities that will figure into the sigma calculations and process capability metrics?
Key measures identified and agreed upon.
High impact defects defined and identified in the business process.

Data Collection Planned and Executed

Questions To Determine Appropriate Application:

  • Was a data collection plan established?
  • What data was collected (past, present, future/ongoing)?
  • Who participated in the data collection?
  • How did the team select a sample?
  • What has the team done to assure the stability and accuracy of the measurement process?
  • Was a gauge R&R conducted?
  • Was stratification needed in the data collection and analysis?
Solid data collection plan established that includes measurement systems analysis.
Data collected on key measures that were identified.

Process Variation Displayed/Communicated

Questions To Determine Appropriate Application:

  • What charts has the team used to display the components of variation in the process?
  • What does the chart tell us in terms of variation?
Process variation components displayed/communicated using suitable charts, graphs, plots.
Long term and short term variability accounted for.

Performance Baseline/Sigma Calculation

Questions To Determine Appropriate Application:

  • What is the current process performance in terms of it capability indices?
  • What is the current process performance in terms of its yield or sigma level(s)?
  • How large is the gap between current performance and the customer-specified (goal) performance?
  • Have you found any ‘ground fruit’ or ‘low-hanging fruit’ for immediate remedies to the gap in performance?
  • What particular quality tools did the team find helpful in getting through the measure phase?
Measure baseline process performance (capability, yield, sigma level).

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