Post sales demonstration Checklist

Continuous improvement.  Every time you are in front of a customer you have the chance to learn something for next time.  No matter the outcome of a sales demo there are valuable lessons you can take away by taking a few simple minutes to review your performance across a few key criteria.
Use these learnings to:
  1. Improve the qualification criteria for leads
  2. Optimise your sales material
  3. Iterate on marketing materials
  4. Improve the product
How often should this be used?
Ad hoc as required.
Developed from the article by Jakob Marovt.
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Post sales demonstration

After the demo

Evaluate any new objections you have not heard before, or objections that have been rephrased.
Was there a new objection that you've never heard before? What were they?
Was there an "AHA" moment for the customer?
When during the demo did the customer "get it"? What pushed them over the line?
At any point did your customer become bored?
When did this happen? Can this part of the demo be shortened or removed?
What is the customer currently using to ease the problem you are solving?
Current solution:
What is the customers biggest pain point in relation to the your product?
Pain points:

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