Who did what when?

The Activity Log

Every action against a Checklist is logged in the Activity Log.

Open the Activity Log using the Book icon in the Control bar at the top right of screen.

Open Activity Log

Clicking on an Entry in the Activity Log takes you to and highlights that Item in the list.

Activity Log

Filtering by Type

Use Filters to make navigating the information in the Activity Log easier.

Filter Log

Item Status

This filter only shows changes to the Item Status.


Shows events relating to Evidence.


Shows events relating to Comments.

Checklist Name / State

Shows changes to the Checklist Name.

Clever Share

This filter only shows Sharing events.

Filtering by Item

Next to each Item there is a drop down for filtering by Item.

Filter by Item

Events for this Item

Shows only events relating to this Item of any kind.

Events for this kind of Item Status

Shows all Events for Items relating to this Status.