I'm done now. Or am I?

Find and Finish Button

Floating at the bottom of every Checklist is the Progress and Finish Bar.

When a Checklist is still in Progress the Finish Bar will show you a count of Resolved/Unresolved Items and evidence.

Underneath this bar is a Progress bar that shows in Blocks all Items from a Checklist and their current status.

Progres Bar

Green blocks are Ticked.
Red block are Crossed.
Grey blocks are Unchecked.
Yellow blocks are Items that have Evidence requirements that are not fulfilled.

Clicking on any block scrolls you to and highlight the associated Item.

There is another way to help you find work still to be done.
If you mouse over and click the Finish Button when there are unresolved Items it will scroll you to the First Unresolved Item on the list.

First Unresolved

Once all Checklist requirements have been met the button will change to blue and you are ready to Complete the Checklist.

Completing a Checklist moves it to the Completed tab of the Folder it lives in.

Finish Checklist