What is a Template?

Planning the Work

Your templates are a library of the processes that are important to your business.

This is where you layout the steps you want completed, the details on how to do those steps, and define any evidence or information you want collected while it is being done.

Once you have setup a Template you will be able to start creating Checklists from it.

You start a new Template from the Template section of the platform.

Start Fresh

If you have an existing process you would like to enter into Clever Checklist start a brand new template by using either the:

Create Template

in the top right of the screen or the

Start Fresh

button in the Template section.

This will take you to a blank Template Editor ready to start entering your tasks.

Start from Library

To get a head start you can also try starting a new Template based on examples from our Library. You will be able to edit, add and remove items from the template before you save it as your own

Use the

Start Library

button, browse and Preview the Library Templates before selecting one to edit.