So what is a Clever Checklist?

Clever Checklist is the fusion of

  • Checklists
  • Documentation
  • Forms

into one simple to use package to manage your business tasks and processes.


Show us what needs to be done.

The simplest, most effective tool to reduce mistakes and deliver consistent results. Checklists guide the actions of pilots, surgeons, engineers to astronauts. You can't remember it all so let Checklists do it for you.


Tells us how & why we do it this way.

Operations manuals, process, procedures and policy guides are all fantastic ways to communicate how and why the job gets done. They just are not visible where the people do the work. Clever Checklist fixes that.

Records / Forms

Proves Who, When & Where it was done.

Jobs worth doing are worth doing right. Did it get done right? Prove it! Records and forms that end up in filing cabinets don't help improve your business. Clever Checklist makes your business data actionable.