Here is one we prepared earlier.

The Library gives you a head start on implementing new processes.

Start Library

Search or Browse the Categories for a Template.

You can browse or search the Library for Templates that work for you.

To Search just enter your keyword into the Search box and it will start looking as you type.

Alternatively you can Click through the Category list on the left hand side.

Library Categories

Preview the Template

Each Library Template contains a description of its intended purpose and recommendations for scheduling.

Once you find a Template of interest you can preview it by clicking anywhere in the Template details panel

Library Categories

This will open up a Template preview window to show you the contents of the Checklist.

Edit the Template in the Editor

Clicking the "USE TEMPLATE" button will take you to the Template Editor with the contents of the Library Template pre populated.

From here you can add, remove and edit the items to best suit your situation.


Use the SAVE button in the top right corner when you have finished making your changes. This will add it to the list of available Templates on your account.