The bulk of the Template is made up of Sections and Items.

Items are contained inside a Section.

Items can have Evidence (must be filled out), Help and Comments (optionally added)

This can be thought of as a tree as follows:

      - SECTION1
        - ITEM1
        - ITEM2
      - SECTION2
        - ITEM3
          - EVIDENCE1
          - EVIDENCE2
        - ITEM4
          - COMMENT


Sections group common items together.


Think of a Section as a group of work that pauses or a break could be taken in between.

Sections can be reordered and deleted.

Reorder a Section by using the Up and down arrows next to the name.

Reorder Section

Delete a Section by clicking the Trash Can icon at the end of the row

Delete Section

Deleting a Section will delete all associated Items inside of it.


Items are the units of work to be acknowledged and/or actioned.


An Item in a Checklist starts as NOT DONE and can be cycled to

  • TICK

You should consider carefully what Items you create.

Items can be added, deleted and re arranged within a Section - but cannot be moved to a different section.

To delete an Item use the Trash Can icon at the end of the row

Add Delete

Adding Sections and Items

Once you type in either a Section or Item line and press the ENTER key the item will be added. The cursor will remain in the "Enter Item" box so you can keep typing in new items one after the other.

Add Items

To add a new Section Click or Drag the "Section" element from the right hand sidebar:

Add Section